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Elissa: While Myxo is a warm and gracious host to a backpackers, his true calling is as a guide to Swaziland, and as a host to the rural village of Kaphunga. For those interested in exploring life in the Kingdom of Swaziland, I can't recommend Myxo highly enough! In July 2006 I travelled throughout South Africa and Swaziland for three weeks with my two sisters. My big regret is not spending more time in Swaziland with Myxo. The two days we had there were the best of the whole trip. I feel sorry for the travelers who stayed at other more luxurious accommodations while in the Kingdom because they missed so much! While a visit to Myxo's might be "rugged" you'll be glad you made it. As three women travelling alone, we felt very comfortable and treated with respect.

Linda:This hostel is one of a kind. It brings you close to the Swazi culture, an experience you can not get by just passing through and hanging out with other travelers. I highly recommend it!!!


Box 2455 ,Manzini, Swaziland
Tel: +268 505 8363
Cell:+268 604 4102
Email: Myxos

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