Leadership and Business Training, Biofeedback Therapy and Wellness Counselling

Alive Strategic Development was established in 2008 in Swaziland, to offer individuals and companies an alternative holistic way in which to train, coach and empower themselves. The company focuses on Biofeedback Therapy and Wellness Counselling, it also works in association with Stratagem Business Training Specialists based in Johannesburg, doing the training of Business programmes and Serendipity in Swaziland doing Youth Leadership events and Empowerment programmes.

Alive is a company which started out as a journey of personal healing and self discovery by an empowered Swazi woman Celeste Cunha-Nunn. She discovered her purpose and vision of transforming Swaziland through Personal Healing and Leadership Training.

Celeste brought into the business a wealth of knowledge from the corporate/business field, as a wife, mother and business woman, she has a deep insight into the personal transformational field and has created a nurturing, accepting space in her therapy room for self reflection and growth. She believes whole heartedly in the body’s capacity to heal naturally. “It was at the lowest emotional point in my life that gave me the drive to educate and empower myself”. “Who am I, where do I fit into this picture of life, what can I do to make a difference in the world, and make me feel ALIVE”. On this journey was the discovery that change is necessary, when we change, and accept and love ourselves for who we are, we unconsciously give people around us the freedom to do the same. Alive has decided to use this vision to transform the lives of people in Swaziland with:

A - Awareness
L - Leadership
I - Inspiration
V - Vision
E - Empowerment

Alive’s office/therapy room is situated at Serendipity Health and Wellness Centre. Biofeedback Therapy, more familiarly known as Stress Therapy is based on the principles of energetic medicine and quantum physics, using a SCIO machine. The SCIO is a high-tech complementary health devise that assists health practitioners to find energetic imbalances & health issues causing stress/blockage in the flow of energy of the body. During the therapy session the Scio Practitioner will give clients the awareness on how lifestyle and nutrition are an important part of health, by making sensible health choices clients are empowered to be responsible for their own wellbeing.

The SCIO is able to do an analysis of the following:

Food Sensitivities
Nutritional Deficiencies
Physical Organs, muscles, glands, blood, nerves
Hormone levels
Brain Wave Patterns / Learning imbalances
Emotional and Mental Stress
Hydration, Oxgenation Acid/Alkaline balances
Pathogens - bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites

The SCIO then balances using the following Therapies:

Electro Acupuncture, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral and Meridian Therapy
Allergy desentization
Spinal and dental
NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
Nutritional Balancing and Stress Reduction
Homeopathic Bach Flower, Colour, Iridology, Chakra Balancing and Biorythms
Weight Loss

Natural Healing - Empower yourself, heal your Mind, Body and Soul.

For more information and to book a therapy session contact:-

Celeste Cunha-Nunn - Scio Practitioner / Leadership Training
Alive Strategic Development Offices @ Serendipity, Mbabane
Tel/Fax: (00268) 4041817
Cell: (00268) 6021888


Alive Strategic Development


Celeste Cunha-Nunn
Scio Practitioner / Leadership Training
Alive Strategic Development Offices
Tel/Fax: (00268) 4041817
Cell: (00268) 6021888