"Swaziland Regions | Oshoek/Ngwenya to Mbabane"


Oshoek/Ngwenya to Mbabane map The Swaziland Flag The Oshoek/Ngwenya border post located towards the North West Region of Swaziland, is the most popular entry point into the Kingdom of Swaziland. Whilst at the border post, visitors will discover a Handicraft Centre where Swazi Women trade their rustic arts and Swazi Crafts. The Handicraft Centre is the first opportunity for Visitors to access traditional Swazi crafts at an indigenous level. Within the Swaziland border, visitors will encounter magnificent scenery on the drive from the border post at Oshoek/Ngwenya to Mbabane.

A few kilometers from the border one will find the world renowned Ngwenya Glass Factory. The Ngwenya Glass Factory is the only glass making factory in Southern Africa. Swazi glass blowers fashion individual pieces into various shapes including delicate little animals, table glassware, ornaments and souvenirs. During working hours visitors can stand on the balcony within the Ngwenya Glass Factory and watch the Swazi glass blowers in action.

Mbabane is the Capital of Swaziland and houses all the main Government Offices. It also houses all the Foreign Embassies. Mbabane has several hotels that primarily cater for the business fraternity. One of the main places to visit is the Mbabane Market. It is here you will find an assortment of Swazi crafts including basket ware, stone and wood carvings, ethnic sculptures and hats. One is expected to bargain before buying!

Travel east from Mbabane along the Pine Valley Road and visit Sibebe Rock which is a massive granite monolith. Sibebe Rock is the second largest rock in the world and only Ayers Rock in Australia is bigger. Visitors are able to climb Sibebe Rock and experience the spectacular scenic views from the top. It is advisable to ask for a guide as climbing up Sibebe Rock is easy but coming down, one may require some assistance.

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