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Ezulwini Valley map The Swaziland Flag The Ezulwini Valley (Place of the Sun) has long been known as the playground of the Swaziland Kingdom. Enjoy the steep escarpment, rolling hills, lush vegetation and distant mountain ranges that the Ezulwini Valley has to offer.

Alongside the main road through the Ezulwini valley you will encounter, Handicraft Centres, Curio Sellers, Hotels, an International Casino, Caravan Park, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Hot Spring Spa, Game Park and the ever continuing scenic beauty of the country.

The Tea Road is a scenic route that takes you into the hills above the Ezulwini Valley. Tea used to be grown in these hills in the early days. Along The Tea Road route you will overlook the Royal area of Lobamba and across to the Mdzimba Mountain Range - the Royal Burial Sites. The scenery is spectacular but the road is gravel, very steep in places and slippery during rainy weather. Swazi crafts can be found at roadside stalls as well as Swazi craft centres. The making and selling of Swazi Crafts generate sustainable self employment for the Swazi people. The items on sale vary from the usual carvings to hand made Mohair woven tapestries, batiks, clothing and table cloths.

The Swazi Cultural Village is run by the Swaziland National Trust. Here one will find a collection of traditional Swazi Beehive Huts. The Swazi Beehive Huts were built to demonstrate the pre-industrial Swazi dwellings. The Swazi Cultural Village demonstrates the Swazi Cultural Heritage through dance, song, art, craft and everyday living of years gone by.

A stay in the Ezulwini Valley is incomplete without a visit to the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Mlilwane is 4 km’s from the Southern Sun Casino and covers an area of 4,500 hectares. Set in a bowl beneath the Mdzimba Mountain, Mlilwane has a great variety of animals, birds and plants. It has camping facilities, chalets as well as a restaurant over the hippo pool from which you can watch turtles, hippo, crocodile and the nesting egrets. There are self-guided trails through Mlilwane where one can observe the many different game species on foot. Horse and Mountain Bike rides through Mlilwane are also available.

The close proximity of Wild Africa and the sophisticated urban life is the intriguing paradox of Swaziland. Both can be explored without having to travel miles over hot and dusty roads. The Royal Swazi Sun Casino Hotel is located in the Ezulwini valley. It has a world class 18 hole golf course for the golfing enthusiasts, Casino and Slot machines, Conference Centre seating 600 and a 700 seat banquet hall. Only ˝ a kilometer away is the Royal Swazi Sun Hotel nestling under the Ndzimba Mountain peaks.

The Swazi Spa Health and Beauty Studio, known locally as “The Cuddle Puddle”, is just a few minutes walk away from the Royal Swazi Sun Casino Hotel. Natural mineral waters flow continuously into a large swimming pool. The visitor can enjoy the Therapeutic properties of the mineral water. Massages, Saunas and a Jacuzzi are also on offer.

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