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  The Lebombo Local - Winter 2007 - Page 3
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Greetings after what has felt
like an eternity, with everyone
asking when is the next issue
coming out? After some mis-
understandings lets set the
record straight....


Mananga Border Post
Tshaneni Club - Tshaneni
Mhlume Club - Mhlume
Tambankulu Club - Tambankulu
Lomahasha Border Post
Mbuluzi Game Reserve - Simunye
Simunye Club - Simunye
Hlane Royal National Park - Simunye
Siteki Hotel - Siteki
R&B Restaurant - Siteki
Mhlumeni Border Post
Fasa Lusa - Big Bend
O.K Grocer - Big Bend
Lismore Lodge - Big Bend
Riverside Motel - Big Bend
Ubombo Club - Big Bend
Lusutfu - Siphofaneni
Matata Spar - Matata
Matata Garage - Matata

Mr. Matata - Matata

Nisela Safaris - Nsoko

Nsoko Spar - Nsoko

Lavumisa Border Post

Adventure Sports - Mbabane

Verimark - Swazi Plaza Mbabane

Ziggys Internet Cafe - Malkerns

Big Game Parks @ The Gables - Ezulwini

Mantenga Craft Centre/Swazi Trails - Ezulwini

Matsapha Spar - Matsapha

Manzini Spar - Manzini

As Seen on T.V - The Hub Mall Manzini

M.W.F Engineering - Nhlangano

Mr. Matata - Pongola

Wimpy - Pongola S.A

Junk Shop - Pongola S.A

Sadly The Lebombo Local in no longer a monthly publication,
it will only be published every quarter (ie. every third month).
The next issue will be the ‘Spring issue’and will be available
at the beginning of September - look out for it and don’t miss out

on what is happening in the beautiful Lowveld region of Swaziland.

We have tried to include as much as possible to make it interesting

for everyone, there is a sudoku puzzle for the puzzle

mad, a lovely warm Wintery recipe for the chef at home, a

fashion page, a motoring page, soccer page, eco page, the

Classifieds page and our popular column “Ask Dr. Tim”- this

issue he discusses the common cold (something many of us suffer

from during these Wintery months).

Thankyou to all the contributors of articles, please keep them

coming in and let us know what is happening in your region. The

Lebombo Local is issued free of charge, it is totally supported

by advertisers. Please support them wherever possible and

remember to let them know that you found them here so that they

can know, which helps us all to grow.

Remember that if you have something exciting happening in your

region, to let u know. Our contact details are on this page.

Cuddle up, keep warm and enjoy the cool Wintery days .....



Tel/Fax: (+268) 3636081 Cell: (+268) 6049511

P.O.Box 237, Matata, Swaziland

Email: taz@africaonline.co.sz


Pictured right:

The new



built at Riverside


the only one of

its kind in the

Lowveld region

of Swaziland.



If you haven’t visited Riverside Complex in a while, do yourself

a favour and pop in the next time you are passing by - you will

be pleasantly surprised at how much development is taking

place. This family owned and managed business has gone

through many exciting new developments in the past few

months. A brand new spray booth for spraypainting cars (the

only one in the Lowveld region) has been recently built, one can

now have their car fixed here and sprayed making it look brand

new again (insured vehicles can also be fixed here).

Five spacious new en-suite double rooms have been added at

the Hotel and T.V installed in ALL the rooms. A brand new airconditioned

conference room, tastefully built and enough room

to cater for up to 120 people with flip charts and projector available.

This private facility is perfect for those wanting to get on

with business without any distractions.

To top off all these developments is to sit down and enjoy a traditional

Portuguese meal prepared by Riverside’s new head

chef, directly from Mocambique. The restaurant aims to concentrate

mainly on traditional Portuguese cuisine offering people

the opportunity to indulge their tastebuds like never before.



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