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I love this website its great for those of us not in swailnad to keep up to date withwhats going on, see brillaint pictures of a beautifull country

robyn smyth - 5/31/2009

keep up the good work

robyn - 5/31/2009

Hi Sonja I beleive that Mbabane Private Clinic or the Private Clinic in Manzini, thinks its called Mpilo Clinic are your best contacts. Most ladies continue to use their gynies in S A.

  - 5/19/2009

Good day There is a real possibility of me moving to Swaziland soon. I am almost 5 months pregnant - can anyone recommend a good gynaecologist in the Mbabane area?

Sonja - 5/16/2009

please continue the good work. it's really appreciated to fly the swazi flag high

  - 4/7/2009

Really enjoyed your Myxos website, so very informative and easy to read. Will deifnatly try it when next have volunteer workers from the Uk.

  - 4/4/2009

I'm very pleased to see how you guys utilise your thinking capabilities to come up with such a lovely and important webpage. OOOps keep it up! by VectorSD

Vector - 3/18/2009

Good Morning On Thursday I enrolled a pupil in my pre-primary school - The Edu-Care Centre. He will join our Junior Pre-school Class in 2009. His mother saw my advert on the SwaziLive pages, and promptly decided to send her child to live with his grandparents in order for him to attend "her "school. She attended this school in 1983 !! Thank you for my beautifully designed web page, Many of mye parents read the school news and especially enjoy the photos of their children. Most parents use this web facility via their cell phones ! Thank you again for your magnificent web site. Mrs S Bradford

Shirley - 12/2/2008

What a beautiful country I witnessed during the 40/40 ceremony. I still fly the Swazi flag in my room here in South Africa - Jameson N. Mabuza, Pongola - South Africa.

Jameson - 10/13/2008

For Mickey Denne That would be the van Eyk Dam in Big Bend I presume ? If so I can send you recent photos

Gordon - 10/12/2008

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