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Dogs, horses roped in to stop jail breaks

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By Nelsiwe Ndlangamandla - Swazi Observer-15-Oct-2009

WARDERS will now use dogs and horses to guard inmates in a bid to decrease the growing incidents of jail breaks.

Commissioner of Correctional Services Isaiah Ntshangase recently met South African High Commissioner Reddy Mampane where the issue was discussed.

Just recently, eight prisoners escaped from the custody of warders. Ntshangase said South Africa would also provide the needed expert advice on how to utilise the dogs and horses. Mampane paid a courtesy call to the Correctional Services yesterday where he said he was impressed with the manner prisoners were looked after.

He said there were similarities in the manner the inmates were kept by both the SA and Swazi correctional authorities. “The Commissioner informed the High Commissioner that currently there were on-going bilaterals in so far as providing expert advice on sourcing and use of horses and dogs for patrolling and also training of Correctional Officials on handling of these vital tools in security.”

He explained that the bilateral agreements were to stop criminals from committing an offence in one country and then going to hide in another.

Ntshangase explained that exchanging information on foreign inmates helped to re-capture them.

The High Commissioner then promised to speed up progress in all bilateral projects between the two departments to enhance service delivery and fight the transnational crimes.

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