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By Timothy Simelane - SWAZI OBSERVER-30-Sep-2009

HIS Majesty King Mswati III says American President Barack Obama has shown interest in visiting Africa again, where he hopes to strengthen relationships between the continent and his country.

The King said this on his return from the USA, where he attended the United Nations Summit. He also went to Venezuela, where he also attended a conference for South America and African states. His Majesty said President Obama also spoke on the importance of sharing resources between the USA and Africa. “We also congratulated him on his election to be president of the USA. This is the first time that the USA has had an African American president.”

He said the summit also addressed the problems that come with climate change. “It was resolved that another meeting be convened in Copenhagen, where the climate change issues will be discussed in detail. This is also where regulations will be made for all countries to conform to when it comes to climate change. “During the summit, it also transpired that the problems of climate change were mostly caused by industrialised states. They were also warned to desist from destroying the ozone layer.”

His Majesty said leaders also discussed the formation of nuclear weapons and discouraged such a habit. “They said countries who have uranium should rather produce electricity than use the mineral for manufacturing nuclear weapons. “The leaders said all people who manufacture such weapons should stop it.” The King said in Venezuela, it also transpired that South American countries had an interest in sharing ideas and cooperation with African countries because the two continents share many similarities. He said both continents were aiming for the same goal - to prosper materially.

“That meeting was also attended by many leaders and was a success

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