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One of most expensive cars in the world in SD

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BETHANY – One of the oldest and most expensive vehicles in the world, a Silver Ghost Rolls Royce, is in the country.

The vehicle, which is owned by Albert Eberhard, is among the 19 Silver Ghost Rolls Royce vehicles that arrived in the country on Monday night. The vehicle was manufactured in 1925.

The vehicles are being driven by tourists from eight different countries. These countries include England, Australia, United States of America, Canada, Monaco, New Zealand, Switzerland and Portugal. The tourists are currently on the second Wholly Ghost Tour which began in Durban a week ago.

The tour is expected to end in Cape Town in the next two weeks. This vehicle was original purchased by Pabst of Pabst Brewsters as a Valentine’s Day gift to his wife. It has been in the hands of Albert and Monique Eberhard since 1997. The vehicle has taken part in many international events such as the rallies in Jordan, Malaysia, Borneo and in USA. The tourists, who are being led by the tour organiser John White, were expected to leave the country this morning.

The vehicles entered through the Sicunusa Border post after spending a night in Hluhluwe, which is about 100 kilometres outside the border. Tour organiser White said the Wholly Ghost Tour was held for the second time in South Africa, after the first one being held in 1999.

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