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9 care points get a boost

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LOBAMBA- About nine National Care Points (NCPs) under the Lobamba Constituency have received food hampers and shoes worth E12 000.

These will benefit Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in the area and will be shared accordingly by the care points. The donation was made by Sicamelo Savings and Credit Co-operatives, an association owned by the Kings Office employees, as means of giving back to the community.

According to the areas member of parliament, Majahodvwa Khumalo, they selected the care points in order for all deserving children under the constituency to benefit. Khumalo said with the distribution of the shoes they were assisted by the areas Bucopho Benkhundla who identified the neediest children in all the chiefdoms. “At least 20 children received a pair of school shoes,” said Khumalo.

Meanwhile, he said elderly and disabled people were not left out, as they also received blankets. Khumalo said the blankets were a donation from Inkhosikati LaNkambule, who gave them to the community sometime ago but were only distributed last week Thursday. He attributed the delay of the distribution to the fact that they wanted the most deserving candidates to benefit and were identified from each of the chiefdoms under the constituency.

The association also gave out E2 000 to Donald Steward, who is on a wheelchair and Celucolo Mhlanga who is visually impaired. “The two needed money to start income generating projects, as they are currently unemployed,” said Khumalo. Steward is an architect and Mhlanga wants to run a fencing project and the money will be used to purchase material.

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