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Mango Groove indisputably great

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By Mphikeleli Msibi - SWAZILAND OBSERVER-28-Sep-2009

THEY last performed in the country 15 years ago and no simple words can best describe the performance witnessed at the Malendela’s lawn last Saturday.

Johannesburg-based musical group Mango Groove once again came and delivered a superlative performance that will linger in the minds of all those who attended the event. The band was just a marvel to watch as they unleashed one hit track after another and at the same time winning the hearts of a number of music lovers.

They performed a number of tracks before calling it a day and their music was just wonderful. As expected, they got the crowd’s support throughout their rendition. Curtain-raising for Mango Groove was the country’s own live band Karibu and Correctional Bass Band. After the local artists, Mango Groove claimed the stage before an eager crowd of people who started flowing with the group’s tunes as soon as they took control of the stage.

They were welcomed on stage with the track which the crowd was already singing in readiness of the SA group. More tracks came from Mango Groove including tracks from their latest album. Throughout the show, music lovers were singing along and it was crystal clear that they were having a good time.

On introduction, all the artists sent the audience screaming when they displayed skills on the instruments they were playing. As the group was performing, it was wonderful seeing fun lovers throwing their hands forward in attempts to touch the group members. Good old memories were rekindled as people, especially the older generation, were seen doing it the yester year way. The group went to a 15 minutes breather and came back for more ‘fire’.

After a number of tracks, the group begged to retire as the uncompromising crowd seemingly wanted them on stage all night. The group finally retired after a brilliant performance. Mango Groove is certainly indisputably one of the best bands to have come out of Africa, it would seem. Soon after that, Jahseed and Admiral took over and also gave their best. As usual, the duo did not disappoint and again got music lovers doing it the Rastafarian way. They would pile one track after another with fun lovers singing along to most of the tracks.

They were soon followed by local DJs Wicked Handz and 711 who would now and again alternate between the two dance floors and at the same time entertaining fun lovers who were all out to have the best of fun.

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