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By Mbongiseni Ndzimandze - THE SWAZI OBSERVER-26-Sep-2009

The Teach Children to Save (TCTS) is aimed at inculcating a culture of savings and promoting volunteerism with the intention of inspiring students to be life long savers.

This was said by Nedbank Swaziland Managing Director Ambrose Dlamini, who is also Chairman of the Bankers Association of Swaziland during the launch of this campaign at Ezulwini Catholic School on Friday.

“The essence of this initiative is to have volunteer bankers deliver a generic saving and financial literacy lessons without marketing a specific bank of product,” he said. He said TCTS was a concept taken from South Africa and had been welcomed by the general public of that country. Dlamini disclosed that target students are those from Grades 4-7 in 21 schools throughout the country, with five schools per region. “We trust that we will reach at least 6 500 students this year. The banks have collaboratively deployed 85 bank executives country-wide who will be taking on these schools at 10a.m countrywide,” he said.

He also pointed out that this initiative was specifically targeted at students as they were better positioned to learn positive saving habits which they can practise in their life time. Dlamini said savings were crucial for healthy household income and in turn a healthy economic. “The prevalent phenomenon of global recession will be averted by a strong culture of savings hence this we are planting with this initiative,” he said. TCTS is collaborative industry consumer education initiative which was made possible by various banks.

He said the banking association was committed to this initiative and would like to see it become an annual September event in their calendar that will highlight the important role that volunteer bankers can play in educating the country’s youth on savings.

“The bankers association has now termed this month ‘save-tember’ - for it is in this month that the saving culture will be preached to the children of Swaziland.”

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