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Obed joins Liqoqo

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MBABANE – Obed Dlamini, the erstwhile Prime Minister and most senior member of NNLC National Executive, has been appointed to serve in His Majesty King Mswati III’s advisory body – Liqoqo.

NNLC stands for Ngwane National Liberatory Congress. Liqoqo Chairman Chief Prince Logcogco, in an interview yesterday, confirmed Dlamini’s appointment as a ‘king’s man’. The prince said Dlamini, 72, who also served as NNLC President in the 90s, received his official appointment sometime last week.

“He was officially introduced to the rest of the members of Liqoqo on Monday,” the chairman said. “He assumed his new duties immediately after the introduction exercise in an effort to try to familiarise himself with the functions of the supreme Libandla (council).”


With the appointment of the former premier, the members of the king’s advisory council now stand at 23. Prince Logcogco, who is also the Chief of Gundvwini in the Manzini region, said the new arrangement perfectly suited Dlamini, the then Member of Parliament for Nhlambeni Constituency in the 8th Parliament (2003 – 2008). “He deserves it,” he briefly said. “We’re all happy for him.”

The former PM, when approached for comment, confirmed his appointment. Dlamini, however, elected to play his cards closer to the chest on the new assignment pending the swearing-in ceremony. “You better contact me after I’ve been sworn-in as a member of Liqoqo,” was all Dlamini could say.

...NNLC wants dlamini to resign

MBABANE – NNLC President Dr. Alvit Dlamini has called for the immediate resignation of Obed Dlamini from the political organisation.

Alvit, in an interview yesterday, described the appointment of Obed into Liqoqo as a huge embarrassment to the NNLC. He said Obed was not only a member of the party’s National Executive, but former president. “Obed is the most senior member of the congress,” he emphasised. The reigning NNLC chief said the appointment of the former premier into Liqoqo was in total contravention of their constitution.

He cited section 4(4.5) which reads thus: “Membership of the NNLC shall be withheld from persons who do not accept the aims and objectives of the organisation and those who belong to other political parties, or an organisation whose policies and methods of work are not in harmony with those of the NNLC.” Therefore, Alvit said the Tinkhundla system of governance was opposed to the policies of the 47-year-old party. He said Obed, by virtue of being a senior member of the party, was expected to discuss his appointment with the executive in view of article 4(4.5).

“As a national executive, maybe we could have managed to dissuade him from accepting the appointment,” Alvit said. “I strongly believe we could have assisted him on what route to take.” Obed declined to comment, promising to do so after he had been sworn-in as a member of the king’s advisory body.

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