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SD to participate at leadership conference in Seoul

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By Observer Reporter - SWAZI OBSERVER-22-Sep-2009

EARLIER this year, upon the return of Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Honorable Macford Sibandze from the World Summit on Peace which was hosted by Universal Peace Federation in New York,

It was pronounced that the time had come for Swaziland to play its strategic leadership role in building and promoting peace in the world.

“We are very pleased that the Government and people of the Kingdom of Swaziland have responded positively and are already playing that part to build and promote peace in the region. This is indicated by the well-documented pivotal role that this country has played in the resolution of the crises in Zimbabwe and Madagascar. The challenge is now being presented to Swaziland to play an extended role of building peace in the world both externally and internally,” said Corporate Affairs and Programmes Coordinator Charles Mbingo in a statement yesterday.

He said Swaziland had been invited to participate at the International Leadership Conference (ILC) sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), to be held in Seoul, Korea on October 12–16, 2009. The theme of the ILC is “The Significance of Marriage and Family for Peace in the 21st Century.” Distinguished delegates, including current former heads of State and Government among others, from around the world will be in attendance. The programme will feature sessions on topics related to the general theme, as well as presentations on the core principles and programmes of the UPF.

“There is a growing awareness among people throughout the world of the urgent need for innovative vision and bold leadership if we are to resolve the critical issues of our time. The ILC series addresses this need. During the course of the program, we will consider the universal values and best practices that are necessary to create a world in which the people of every region, race, nationality, culture and religion live together in peace. We will consider the root causes of conflict and the ways we can move together beyond conflict, inequality and division toward reconciliation and prosperity as one family under God.”

The ILC is being convened at the time of the World Culture and Sports Festival, which features not only a series of sporting events, but also the World Peace Blessing for marriage and family, scheduled for October 14th. Swaziland has been invited through the relevant organsations such as the Swaziland National Sports Council, the Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture and other groups and individuals to participate at these events. UPF Founders Drs Sun Myung and Mrs Moon have made the establishment of families of peace the centerpiece of their life’s work. They are encouraging young people, along with married couples from diverse nations and religious backgrounds to dedicate their marriage and their family life to building a world of lasting peace.

For this particular occasion, Drs and Mrs Moon are personally inviting the ILC participants to participate as couples in the World Peace Blessing in support of the vision of strengthening marriage and family for the sake of peace in our world. Additionally, the elder married couples are called to lend their encouragement and support, as mentors for the young people who are just starting their family life.

As indicated, the event is sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) for accommodation, catering and ground transportation in Seoul, South Korea. However, the participants will have to provide for their own return air-fare to Seoul, hence the members of the delegation will have either to be sponsored externally or be privately funded for the air-travel. As assigned by our Africa Continental and Regional Head Offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and Johannesburg, South Africa, respectively, due to the urgency of the trip, we have already provisionally extended invitations to the Swaziland Council of Arts and Culture, the Swaziland National Sports Council, the Swaziland National Youth Council, and other relevant groups and individuals. All invited organisations, groups and individuals are being urged to indicate immediately whether they would be honouring the invitation, so that accommodation arrangements can be finalized for them in Seoul for the dates indicated.

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Comments:You have really great taste on catch article titles, even when you are not interested in this topic you push to read it

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