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Govt to provide palliative care to kidney boy

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By Nelsiwe Ndlangamandla - SWAZI OBSERVER-21-Sep-2009

GOVERNMENT has promised to help Gcinumuzi Sifundza’s family with palliative care.

Dr.Steven Shongwe, the Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Health said they were going to support the Sifundza family throughout this whole situation.

“We will ensure that all the medication that Gcinumuzi will need is readily available to his family,” said Shongwe. On the other hand, Gcinumuzi’s father, John Sifundza said his son was doing better by yesterday and he was talking to him.


“Though I can tell that he is going through a lot of pain since his whole body is swelling he was able to talk to me,” he said. He further thanked the ministry of health, saying that if it was the current team in charge when his son got sick about four years ago he could have been saved.

“Things are done faster now and I would like to thank the current minister because I can tell he is quick to respond to this matter though it was already late.” Gcinumuzi is currently admitted at the Mbabane Government Hospital Intensive Care Unit. He arrived in the country last Thursday after the Johannesburg General Hospital said the kidney transplant would be impossible.

His dialyses treatment which he depended on was stopped last week when he was returned to the country.


The Deputy Director of Health Services, Dr.Vusi Magagula, said in the country there was a dialyses machine but not for children. “We have the machines in the country but we do not have those for children,” said Dr. Magagula. The boy has been sick since 2004, just last week his family was told he should be sent home because it was impossible to ever do the transplant since he is too sick.

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