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Every citizen must be equal before law - king

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NHLANGANO – His Majesty King Mswati III says courts have the constitutional responsibility of making sure that every citizen is equal before the law

He said this yesterday when he officially launched four projects in the Shiselweni region. These projects are a school, clinic, orphanage and a judicial building that houses five courts. In his remarks, the king said he was impressed with the projects that were earmarked for the improvement and strengthening of the country’s judicial services, the education and health sectors.

“An effective and efficient judicial system remains the key in the execution of law and order in any civilised society. “Our people remain confident that our courts are there to serve everyone whether young or old, without fear or favour.,” the king said in his address, which he made at the new health centre.

His Majesty highlighted that the work of the judicial officers was to give a fair and just judgment at the end of a hearing. He commended government for the refurbishment of the Nhlangano Magistrate Court.

“I hope such projects will not only be confined to the Shiselweni region, I implore government to expand such projects to other regions. The decentralisation of services is government’s ultimate goal,” he said.

Earlier, just before noon, the king toured around the new structure, and he was guided by the Minister of Justice Ndumiso Mamba. His Majesty was shown the five court rooms that comprise four magistrate courts and a Swazi National Court

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