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It’s final call for free education registration

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MBABANE – The Ministry of Education and Training has made a final call for the registration of Free Primary Education (FPE).

The ministry did a registration exercise a couple of months back and now, according to the Minister, Wilson Ntshangase, they wanted pupils to re-register for admission. He said the requirements were the same, that is, only pupils within the age group of six and 18 years were eligible to register and this should be done at the nearest primary schools.

Again, this is only for entry into Grades One and Two as well as non-formal education. The registration dates have been scheduled for September 28 to October 2, 2009. Ntshan-gase said this registration was a final call to all parents to ensure that their children enroll for the first and second grades next year under the FPE.

He said this registration would also mark the admission of pupils into schools under the FPE programme. “As a ministry, we believe the figures obtained from the first registration exercise were not reflecting a true picture. Our records show that there are far too many children should have registered.

“We are hopeful that this time around, we will have about 38 000 of them register. All children must register if they are to be admitted for next year,” he explained. Last year, about 28 000 registered.

He said the registration would assist his ministry determine the exact number of classrooms that need to be constructed and teachers to be hired. Ntshangase added that preparations for the programme were already at an advanced stage, as the construction of classrooms had already commenced with the assistance of the European Union.

He expressed hope that by the end of the month, a certain number of the classrooms would be complete. Ntshangase was non-committal on the figures. Apart from these classrooms, he said his ministry had already secured a supplier for what he termed ‘mobile classrooms.’ He said these would be used while more classrooms were being constructed.

Mobile classrooms are those that could be easily demolished and the material re-used again.

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