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Prom nights remain banned

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By Faith Vilakati - SWAZI OBSERVER-15-Sep-2009

THE Minister of Education and Training Wilson Future Ntshangase says as long as he holds that position no schools will host prom nights.

Ntshangase said schools must rather host farewell functions for the Form Five and Form Three pupils rather than the prom nights.

Ntshangase said the prom nights were too expensive for parents who were expected to buy new outfits for their children pupils and sometimes pay fees for the events. Ntshangase wondered where the idea of the prom nights came from; "I believe that it came from a teacher and most probably a class teacher who forced it down the students' mind telling them to market the idea with their parents..

“This thing is too expensive, I know that some people will think that we are depriving the students their rights but I don't care, I don't want it to be hosted in any school," he said. The minister lamented that people who were outside the teaching profession were gaining a lot of money through the prom nights.

Meanwhile, the minister said he expects no student to wear short uniform in the schools. He said short tunics were tempting the male teachers when lessons were in progress as some students would intentionally and unintentionally open their thighs while a lesson was in session.

Ntshangase said the high school students were the ones who wear and promote the short uniform. He said he was worried with such acts because at that stage, it was when the pupils were supposed to determine what they wanted to be in the future and when they wear short uniform it meant they could not decide properly on the future.

"High school education is the most important level of education for everyone because it is when one decides what he/she wants to be in the future. So it is very disappointing to see a high schoolstudents wearing a short uniform, because it somehow shows what lives they will lead when they have completed school," he said.

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