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Sive Siyinqaba impressed with Umhlanga

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By Hlengiwe Ndlovu - SWAZI OBSERVER-15-Sep-2009

SIVE Siyinqaba has lauded the King and Queen Mother for ensuring that Swazi culture and customs are well preserved.

Publicist Secretary Zibuse Simelane said the organisation was impressed with the recent reed dance ceremonies held at Ludzidzini and Embangweni, especially because the two events turned out to be a tremendous success.

“Swazi people clearly love their culture and are proud of who they are. The success of the reed dance shows that people do not want to forget their roots. Maidens also did not disappoint as they turned up in their large numbers.” Simelane said chiefs were unsung heroes in Swazi culture, observing that their encouragement had gone a long way in ensuring that customs were preserved. “We all know that down at the community level, the chiefs are the ones who encourage their people to participate in national events.”

Simelane said Sive Siyinqaba was confident that when young people were taught about their culture and traditions from a tender age, they would not forget their heritage when they grow up.

He also thanked government for ensuring that transport needed for the maidens attending the reed dance are well taken care of. “The government ministry responsible for the transportation of maidens to the reed dance from the Tinkhundla centres to Ludzidzini has done a good job over the years. The girls are not left stranded and frustrated about how toreach the reed dance area but they are taken by government trucks straight from their Tinkhundla centre, which is a good initiative.” Meanwhile, Simelane requested that Tingaja must emulate the example of the maidens during the Lusekwane and Incwala ceremonies.

“Maidens attended the reed dance in their numbers. The young boys must also do the same, in fact they must strive to exceed the numbers recorded at the reed dance.”

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