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Twins burn inside hut

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MBABANE – A set of twins almost died after being severely burnt by a fire while inside a hut.

The one-month-old twins, a boy and a girl had been left unattended to by their mother who had gone to respond to a call of nature.

Phindile Makhubu, of LaMgabhi, said it happened on Thursday afternoon when she lit the fire in their kitchen hut to prepare dinner and provide warmth for the twins. She said she was playing with the babies when she decided to go to the toilet situated a stone’s throw away from the hut.

“I did not take long in the toilet because I knew that I had left the babies by themselves. However, I did not suspect that the blankets they were wrapped in could catch fire because they were not close to the fire. When I returned, I saw smoke coming out of the hut and that is when I rushed inside. Surprisingly, nothing else had caught fire except for the babies blankets,” she explained.

Makhubu said she quickly pulled out her babies, only to find that they were also badly burnt and quickly raised an alarm. One of the twins had the blanket stuck on its tiny body and Makhubu said she had to first pour cold water before pulling off the blanket. They were then taken to the Mbabane Government Hospital where they are currently recuperating. The twins were mainly burnt on their faces and hands, with the girl showing the worse burn wounds.

A large portion of her face was burnt, with the left eye slightly closed. Her lips were also badly burnt and forehead. Her hands were not spared and one of her fingers was totally burnt. The male twin was badly burnt on the forehead.

Makhubu said she was thankful to God for saving her babies. She said even though she was impoverished, she could not wish for her children to die in such a manner. Makhubu has three other children, two of whom are school going.

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