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Pastor grabs bride from groom’s home

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NTSININI – A pastor caused a scene at a Dlamini homestead when he forcefully fetched his daughter back home a few hours after she had been traditionally married (Swazi Law and Custom).

This type of marriage is also known as kuteka. The incident, which has shocked residents and some traditional authorities from this constituency, unfolded on Saturday. What has also confused the family is that this is the same pastor who made headlines recently when he allegedly denied his children their right to education that ‘God never went to school.’ However, in this case it is alleged that the pastor, who heads the ‘Go out ministries,’ is against this type of marriage and wanted his children to be wed in the western type, it was gathered. It all started after 18-year-old Timmy Shongwe, daughter to the pastor, visited her 25-year-old boyfriend Maswane Dlamini who lives a stones throw away from her home.

It was gathered that Dlamini invited Shongwe to spend a night with him, which in traditional circles is known as Kujuma. However, on the following day Dlamini traditionally wed her As per the Swazi Law and Custom, he further sent sacred meat to the Shongwe homestead to notify them about the development.

According to Brandy Dlamini, an elder brother to Maswane, Shongwe was also provided with traditional attire (Sidvwaba), which she subsequently wore as proof that she accepted the groom. “Actually, we celebrated the day and further gave some advice to our brother on how he should handle his wife since he has now assumed the status of a responsible man,” said Dlamini.

“Just before 4pm I received a call from the bride’s father and he sounded very angry about the marriage. At first, he asked why we allowed the marriage to take place and why we had not informed him about the decision to marry his daughter. He further insisted that his daughter be escorted back home before he sends a party to fetch her back. I then gave the phone to my brother whom he also shouted at and commanded him to release his daughter,” alleged Dlamini yesterday.


He alleged that the fuming pastor bluntly told them that he had plans for his daughter and that he wanted them to at least pay dowry (lobola) before taking the bride. “At around 6pm, he and a faction of men and women, arrived and fetched his daughter back home. As a family we never fought them,” added Dlamini.

It was gathered that the bride went back home still wearing the traditional clothes she received during her brief stay at the Dlamini family. Efforts to get a comment from the pastor were not successful as he was reportedly not at his homestead when the Times visited and a message was left for him to get in contact with us as efforts to get his number were futile.

...groom is traumatised

NTSININI – Maswane Dlamini, the man whose wife was taken away a few hours after traditionally marrying her, has been left traumatised.

Yesterday he disclosed that ever since the incident unfolded, he had not visited anyone nor talked to people but stayed home to ease the pain. He said the pain was that of losing a wife. “What happened to me is so much painful that I am not ready to speak about it. As we speak I am at home and I have referred every question to my brother,” said Dlamini in a telephonic interview.

When the Times team arrived at the homestead yesterday, Dlamini had locked himself in one of the rooms. Only his elder brother Brandy answered questions. “It was too painful to him but we hope since discussions are still ongoing he would be fine,” said Brandy. Maswane is unemployed and he completed school in 2007 at Ntsinini High School.

‘Pastor was exercising his right’

NTSININI – Chief Malamulela Magagula, a traditionalist, has noted that the pastor who fetched his daughter after being traditionally wedded, was not off-side.

In a telephonic interview yesterday, the Dvokolwako chief said it was customary that a party must be sent to the bride’s family member to request permission to marry. “Umuntfu uyacelwa kubo ngaphambi kube a tekwe nome ashade (permission should be requested from the bride’s family before marriage, either Swazi Law and Custom or western marriage),” said Magagula.

“It would then be the bride’s family that give a go-ahead to that marriage. If this tradition has not been followed family members of that said bride have a right to end that marriage,” he said. He said this also applied when family members of the bride reject the sacred meat submitted by the groom’s family during the traditional wedding.

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