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By Simon Shabangu - SWAZI OBSERVER-14-Sep-2009

MINISTER Lutfo has said government welcomes the joint venture by the three who are directors of Nomakanjani Scrap Recycling saying this company is here to keep the country clean.

The minister said the company came at a time when government was all out to ensure that the country was clean saying the recently launched Hloba Swaziland campaign which was joined by the Prime Minister, the entire cabinet and corporate companies all around the country was a symbol that government was dedicated to keep the country clean

He said the introduction of this company whose core business is collecting scrap metal for recycling purposes is an advantage in many ways. He called upon the directors of the company to consider having deports in the different constituencies so that the entire country can be cleaned. He said such would help the people minimise travelling costs. “This will help benefit as many people as possible because there were a lot of unemployed people who would make a living through selling scrap to you” said the minister.

He also advised the directors to respect their customers saying they are equally important to the success of the business. He said the people who would be bringing their scrap to the company were pillars of the business and they should be treated as such.

Meanwhile, the President of the Federation of the Swazi Business Community (FESBC) Henry ‘Tum’ du Pont said they welcome the business and advised them to play the game by the rule while operating in the country. He also urged them to guard against people who would come and try to sell stolen metals and disguise it as scrap.

“I just want to pass a word of warning to the directors and the general public to stop destroying infrastructure for the purposes of selling it to the scrap dealers. Monitor at all times the kind of material brought to you for sale and eradicate elements of theft. As local business community we welcome this establishment and pledge our full support to it while it operates in the country” said the FESBC boss.

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