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Xaba thanks WHO for Swine Flu effort

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By Faith Vilakati - SWAZI OBSERVER-14-Sep-2009

GOVERNMENT has thanked the World Health Organisation (WHO) for its prompt action in ensuring that the country was well equipped to face the A H1N1 influenza otherwise known as swine flu.

The minister of health Bennedict Xaba said with WHO support, particularly laboratory and drug supplies, government was able to capacitate the country’s laboratory services and health facilities in terms of case management of the influenza. He said government committed itself to making available additional drugs to complement the emergency stock supplied by WHO.

He said, like other countries, Swaziland was not spared from the Influenza A (H1N1) and responded by reactivating the National Emargency Task Force, a multisectoral body compromised of representatives from government, development partners, NGOs and Civil Society. “Support received from WHO and other development partners is acknowledged with appreciation. The country is currently mobilising resources for procurement of antivirals and vaccine,” he said.

He said seven confirmed cases were diagnosed in the country but no death was recorded, thankfully. Meanwhile, Xaba observed that MDR and XDR TB have become a reality in the country. He revealed that currently about 200 TB drug resistant cases had been diagnoses in the country and four cases of XDR-TB were identified last year.

He said the country responded by developing and implementing MDR-TB guidelines and initiating anti-TB Drug resistance survey.

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