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Making easy money on the net

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By Mbongiseni Ndzimandze -- SWAZI OBSERVER-10-Sep-2009

The internet is a world of opportunities for everyone. Stories of success from online participation continue to grow as more and more internet marketers get financial breakthrough in the internet

Swaziland is no exception, it is encouraging to learn that some Swazis are taking the opportunity and capitalising on these opportunities.

This was revealed by Musa Dube who is actively participating in internet marketing on part time basis but reports that he earns some cash online, though he works on this on part time basis. purposes

He said the internet was commonly known as one of the globalisation agents and also for marketing purposes. “It was possible to monetise your website while receiving publicity for your products and services. “The internet opportunities are open to both the learned and unlearned, the only thing that makes success is doing what it calls for success and doing it right,” he said.


Dube said the minimum ingredients to these opportunities was having internet access for as little time as 15 minutes, a desktop or laptop at home to create content and the courage to write about your passions.

He emphasised that this was not at all similar to other schemes that have recently hit the Swazi community. “You always get back equivalent to the amount of effort you put into it. “The nature of internet marketing is investment based because rewards may not come today but a few months or even years to come.”

Dube disclosed that he started on internet marketing in December 2004 when he published his first book ‘Business Insight and Money Making Ideas’. “It is a great opportunity for young stars that have just completed school and university to start working on the internet. With great excitement,” he said. Dube extended an invitation to the nation for a presentation at Evangelical Church Mbabane on Saturday 12th September, starting at 0900h. Dube said entrance would be free and everybody was welcome.

He further said learning material would be distributed for free but emphasized that space was limited to 50 participants.

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