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Norway buyer excited about local beef

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MBABANE – Local feedlotters have been afforded an opportunity to cover the cost put into the business and in the process make profit through a bonus offered by the Swaziland Meat Industries (SMI).

However, this applies if the feedlotter’s cattle are used to supply the Norwegian market acquired by the SMI in 2006, just after the lifting of the country’s beef exports to the European Union (EU).

The SMI was given a market to export about 500 tonnes of beef annually to Norway, and before shipping the country’s beef to the Norwegian market, the SMI had to meet certain standards similar to those of the EU, except Norwegian market required microbiological testing of each batch and set exacting standards for the results.


SMI Managing Director Jon Williams said they had met those standards and shipped 22 tonnes of beef to the Norwegian market. The first container with SMI beef arrived in Norway last week Wednesday. He said the customer, Jøran Olsson, of Norsk Kjøtthandel AS was very pleased with the shipment.

“We are now working on the next shipment, which we hope will leave at the end of September. This is of course very good news for the farmers supplying SMI, each of them receives a bonus if their cattle were used when packing the meat for this container,” Williams explained.

However, Williams declined to mention how much the bonus was, saying it was between the farmers and SMI. He added; “An extra payment for their animals will certainly help the farmers because the economics of feeding beef cattle is currently good, so the farmer is able to cover their cost and make a profit even before receiving the bonus.”


A forwarded email from the customer in Norway expresses customer satisfaction with regards to product specification and quality. “Yes, yes, yes! We should celebrate today, SMI meat in Norway and this looks perfect. I managed to check some of the products and this looked very good regarding product specification, quality, colour, labelling and packaging. So this was perfect. I will go there again on Monday to take photos and to see all the products.

I will give you more feedback next week (this week), but give my gratitude to all your people, and I hope they understand the importance of their work to develop and to make money on this trade to Norway,” reads the email in part.

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Comments:itsinteresting ,i would like to read it

From:kefeloe - Swaziland (17-Nov-2009)

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