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Guns, explosives smuggled into SD

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MBABANE – Guns, explosives and other war missiles are alleged to have been smuggled into the country to be used in an operation to assassinate the country’s influential politicians and other high ranking members of royalty.

Sources close to the matter allege that police were tipped on the plot by some disgruntled members of the progressives who were originally part of the assassination crusade as they pursue political change.

Suspicion had been that the crusade was to be launched yesterday to coincide with the failed Ngwenya border blockade by COSATU members that were ironically joined by local progressives. Among other things the blockade was aimed at pressurising Swaziland authorities to unban political parties, released arrested PUDEMO President Mario Masuku and stripping Swaziland of the SADC’s TROIKA position.


Information the police had was that guns and explosives were smuggled into the country during the course of last month. September, police sources revealed, had been set as the month of action. The intention, police sources added, was to bomb buildings, kill influential people who are opposed to change.

Others were to be killed for consolidating the intent and quest for change. According to a source, an intensive search by senior police investigators to find the people behind the planned assignations is already ongoing with the latest person to have been allegedly captured and tortured being SWAYOCO President Wandile Dludlu.

Our police sources revealed that Dludlu (who had been out of the country) had been identified as the mastermind of the whole operation and what compounded matters was the fact that he came back into the country yesterday- coincidentally during the COSATU blockade.


“Our suspicion was that he was planning the whole operation with his friends in South Africa. We had been told that he was out of the country and our team camped for him at the border gate. Indeed he came,” said the source. Information gathered was that Dludlu who entered the country at around 1pm was taken by the police and driven to the Mbabane Police Station where at first he was accused of uttering seditious statements.

“The boy was captured yesterday afternoon at the Ngwenya- Oshoek border post on his return from a private visit in South Africa. He was not part of the blockade but his arrival coincided with it. He was driven away in a police car with a South African registration,” said a source. “Upon arrival at the Mbabane Police Station he was told that he had made certain utterances at the picketing that were viewed as seditious. He denied having been part of the picketing as he had just arrived in the country,” added the source.

“With the police having no evidence to prove he had made certain utterances they did not charge him but instead left the Mbabane Police Station with him on board. There were four police officers in the car including the driver. Believing that he knew something about the arms and plot, the police investigators drove away with the SWAYOCO boy from the police station to an obscured forest in Mhlambanyatsi which is adjacent to the Foresters Arms Hotel”.

Once there, Dludlu was allegedly tortured where police demanded the whole truth or face the consequences.

The torturing exercise, it was established, began roughly after 3pm. Swazi News was reliably informed that the police kept questioning Dludlu about the whereabouts of the arms which they believed he knew. With no knowledge of what the police were talking about, Dludlu pleaded his innocence but in vain.

“The police investigators were later joined in the forest by one of their colleagues. None of the four police physically abused Dludlu”, said the source. Dludlu was apparently dumped in Mbabane not far away from the Coronation Park just after 7pm last night.

“He was told that what follows next for him is death. I think he is pleased to be alive as at one time one police officer while in the forest suggested that he been killed and that no one will know or find him,” said the source. When Swazi News contacted Dludlu last night who had difficulty speaking while awaiting doctors at the Mbabane Government Hospital, he confirmed the ordeal he allegedly suffered in police’s hands. He also confirmed that he had to give out names to the police of people marked for death and further admitted knowledge of guns and explosives.


He claims he did this to save his life as he stared death. Dludlu said he had to tell police that guns are at Corporation while explosives are somewhere in Nkhaba. “I am feeling dizzy at the moment and need to go and see the doctor. I cannot say much as I am weak and unwell now. Please contact me tomorrow and maybe I will be feeling well,” he said briefly. He was given an injection and handed tablets by nurses at around 9:30pm. Police PRO Vusi Masuku confirmed that Dludlu was taken by police to Mbabane Police Station for questioning following some statements he uttered together with other people from South Africa who were engaged in the violation of international laws of causing blockade in the gazetted entry and exit point at Ngwenya border.

“One may also sound some words of advice to some citizens of this country to desist from the habit of colluding with foreign nationals with intent to disturb peace and undermine the economy of the country.

Members of the law enforcement agencies have the duty to question and advise any person who might be infringing an existing legal principle,” said Masuku. Reacting to the allegations of torture against Dludlu, Masuku said full-blown investigations will be launched. “The investigations will help establish if all the allegations that are flying around about the police are true or not. However, to the best of my knowledge such did not happen. He was only taken to the police station for questioning and later released,” said Masuku.

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