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Queen finds Swazi roots in Moz

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By Simon Shabangu - THE SWAZI OBSERVER-05-Sep-2009

Swaziland and Mozambique will find ways of working together in ensuring that orphaned and vulnerable children are well looked after and brought up in a good environment,” Her Majesty Indlovukazi has said.

Her Majesty made these remarks when reporting about her three - day state visit to Mozambique. She said together with her delegation they were able to visit an orphanage where that country’s orphans were living. She said the environment was very amicable there, and the children are well taken care of.

“They are healthy and good looking one cannot even tell that they are orphans. We will be working with that country with a view of trying to establish a similar facility in the country where local orphans can live and be well looked after. What that country is doing in terms of taking care of orphans is praiseworthy indeed.

“I was also told that they have since put up about five similar facilities which means that they are serious about the welfare of their needy children. “As a country, we will be talking to them to find out how they can assist us, because we are also facing a high number of orphans in the country” Her Majesty said. On another note, the Indlovukazi also mentioned that the Mozambican people were delighted about her visit and said they would have loved for her and her delegation to stay longer and enjoy the hospitality they had to offer. Her Majesty described the visit as a homecoming, citing that they also visited KwaTembe province where they learnt about the relationship the Tembe tribe had with Swazi people.

“In fact, that area is part of Swaziland because when you follow the history of the Swazi nation you get to know that we settled there before trekking further down to present day Swaziland.

“We met an old man who narrated the history of the great migration to us and I got to appreciate the relationship we have with that country,” Her Majesty said. Her Majesty left the country on Wednesday and this is the second time she visits that country. Her delegation included among others, Minister Pastor Lindiwe Dlamini and Prince Masitsela.

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