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Swazi man killed by SA gang over lover

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NHLANGANO-A Swazi man working in South Africa died painfully after he was assaulted to death by four South Africans, allegedly over a girl.

Linda Xaba of Jerusalem in the Shiselweni region was killed at Thembisa (South Africa) two weeks ago and his body dumped in a forest allegedly after his longtime girlfriend of Maseyisini (Shiselweni region), name withheld, colluded with her new South African lover to kill him because he would prove problematic to their new relationship.

The South African lover, it was gathered, was an escaped prisoner and was allegedly a bully person at the township. The girlfriend in the centre of controversy was also staying at the township after migrating with her late lover to South Africa in search for job opportunities.

Tobhi Ndlovu, the deceased’s uncle, alleged his nephew was first kidnapped at his house by the lover who brought with him three of his friends for the mission. The late Xaba was allegedly thoroughly assaulted by the three South Africans with the lover accusing him of not terminating the relationship with the Swazi girl yet he was now also in love with her.

Xaba was allegedly beaten until he lost consciousness but his assailants are alleged to have continued to assault him despite that he was lying motionless on the ground. “He was thoroughly beaten until he died and his assailants did not realise he was already dead and that they were flogging a dead person,” alleged Ndlovu.

After the beating and upon realising that Xaba was dead, the four are alleged to have bungled him inside the boot of his Opel Astra sedan and drove to a forest where the body was dumped and covered with tree branches. The body was allegedly discovered sometime this week in a very decomposed state. According to Ndlovu, the body was discovered after the deceased’s car overtuned with the quartet on board killing two of them on the spot and injuring the others.

He said when the South African police arrived at the scene, they looked for the number plate and were shocked that it was the car they had been looking for. When the police, according to Ndlovu, asked the whereabouts of the owner (Xaba) of the car because he had been reported missing for the past two weeks, the injured suspects are alleged to have not wasted time and explicitly explained to the police that they killed him and later dumped his body in a forest.

The police were then taken to the scene where the body was found. Police Public Relations Officer Superintendent Vusi Masuku said he was yet to check with his South African counterparts because the deceased was reported missing in that country.

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