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Pastor Justice wants Imbali to ‘cover up’

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KWALUSENI – Contr-oversial but famous Pastor Justice Dlamini of the Worship Centre last night called for maidens partaking in the annual Umhlanga ceremony to dress up more.

Dlamini told a fully packed University of Swaziland lecture theatre audience that the way the girls dressed up during this cultural event was too revealing. However, the pastor clarified that his statements did not mean he was calling for the abolition of the culture but on the contrary as he wanted the practice to continue.

Dlamini said the way the girls exposed their bodies during the annual ceremony was very tempting to men as they were easily sexually aroused when they saw some female body parts. “The way the girls dress during Umhlanga is too revealing and is tempting to the male eye as it is known that once a man sees exposed female body parts, he would want to have a taste of the woman.

“However, that should not be mistaken to mean I want the cultural practice stopped as I want it to continue, but the exposed bodies are tempting to the men and they should be covered up more,” the pastor said. Dlamini was speaking last night at the University of Swaziland during a dialogue organised by the Swaziland Aids Support Organisation under the theme ‘The role of culture in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Swaziland’.

The annual Umhlanga is a cultural event used to celebrate the chastity of young girls.

This year’s ceremony attracted over 100 000 maidens from all over the country’s regions, while some girls from neighbouring countries including Namibia and South Africa also participated. Next weekend the event moves to the Shiselweni region at the Mbangweni Royal residence, where thousands of young girls are expected to show up.

The pastor’s statement comes barely a couple of weeks after he spoke on another cultural activity, the annual Incwala ceremony, which he is reported to have said was allegedly a time for witchcraft practices. Yesterday, Dlamini also ment-ioned that the general dress code of women was important and called for females to make sure that their bodies were not exposed.

The pastor said there was also western clothing that was worn by females, which exposed certain body parts resulting in men being sexually aroused. “Some women dress up in pants that expose part of their behind, while others wear skimpy tops that expose certain parts of their stomachs, yet this is tempting to the male eye,” he said.

The pastor’s speech was characterised by a lot of cheering from the audience of mostly university students as he spoke clearly and convincingly. Other speakers included radio personalities and traditionalists Bongani ‘S’gcokosiyancinca Dlamini and Lindeni Ndlangamandla, NERCHA Deputy director Khanya Mabuza and Mahlubi Hadebe.

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