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Doping tests for COSASSA athletes

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By CHRIS DLAMINI-03-Sep-2009

MBABANE – Athletes to participate in the COSASSA Games hosted in the country by the Swaziland School Sports will face a random doping test conducted by the Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (RADO).

Zone VI Regional Anti-Doping Board member Darius Dlomo who is also a top official at the Swaziland National Sports Council (SNSC) confirmed the presence of the officials.

He said their mission was to promote anti-doping amongst the young sportsmen during the games. “What we do here as a country is look at opportunities to have advocacy chances with the youth where we can teach them about the doping dangers and how to say no to it and also what is prohibited and allowed,” he said.


However, he said as Zone VI did not promote doping in sports, they acknowledged the fact that the participating countries were not informed in time that their athletes will have to undergo random doping tests. “Because we did not inform the countries on time, it would be up to them to agree to the random tests but whatever the case, we’ll still have advocacy lessons but our wish is that they agree as this is very vital for the young athletes,” he said.

Dlomo further said the results would not be immediate as it was a process, making an example that the samples should first go to Pretoria, South Africa before they are returned, just the same procedure which the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADO) applies.

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