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Where do Somhlolo collections go? - Themba Msibi

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LOBAMBA – Senator Themba Msibi demanded answers from Sports minister Hlobsile Ndlovu on why the country had Somhlolo as the only national stadium.

He told the minister that the stadium was making so much money from gate collections and wondered what that money was used for.

Msibi said football had been played for many years and Swazis were faithfully suppor-ting the sport but still Somhlolo was the only national venue that hosted big tournaments. He wondered where the money collected went as the ministry does not own a stadium that was funded by money made from past matches.

The Senator was speaking in Senate during the sitting of the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs portfolio committee. He had directed his question to the minister during the debate of her ministry’s performance report for April to June 2009.

“Where are the sporting facilities in the country, what is Sports Council doing about it,” he said. He said the way things were happening in terms of the funds collected at stadiums they might be tempted to move a motion that all football activities be banned from Somhlolo stadium.

Senator Ngomyayona Gamedze also wanted to know why there were no ablution facilities at the national stadium as recently he saw players dressing from car boots. Senator Khephu Cindzi also wanted to know who owned Somhlolo and if it was not the ministry of sports why didn’t they have their own facility.

“When will the ministry have its own stadium,” he said. Replying the minister said they were in the process of building two other stadiums. She said one would be behind Somhlolo next to the technical centre being constructed so that it would be a complete sports complex.

“We will be constructing our own stadiums soon and the issue of ablution facilities will be sorted soon as the renovations are fini-shed by October 10, 2009,” she said.

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