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Surfing facebook could get you job

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MBABANE – Being on the popular social networking sites such as Facebook could land you your dream job.

It has since been gathered that global head-hunters use the social networking sites to ‘recruit’ their ideal candidates. Other popular sites are MySpace and Flicker, among others.

According to Linda Malinga, Business Development Manager of Strategic Global Recruitment, a company based in South Africa, these sites were becoming almost important as employment references. She said a person’s online profile that depicted pictures and other professionally inappropriate bits of information had the potential of bringing about a big corporate job.


“Cyber-vetting of candidates has become an easy way to find out more about potential employees. “It’s amazing to see how much information one can find on social networking sites and even if people are not registered on one of the better known sites, ‘googling’ someone will usually provide access to some background on the individual,” she said.

She explained that employers were now using these sites to scout for potential candidates, either find confirmation that the job seeker was in fact an expert in their said field or other general information about them. Malinga noted that cyber-vetting could reveal a candidate’s true interests, likes and dislikes, beliefs and aspirations, adding that it may also show the candidate to be the expert he/she has positioned himself/herself as or an absolute fake.


“Its relatively easy to flip through a person’s pages and put together a perception of the candidate, which may not be entirely accurate,” she said. Malinga also revealed the flipside of the social networking sites, stating that they could be detrimental.


She said, “Clients or employers could become privy to images of alcohol abuse, a lack of respect for one’s job or colleagues or other evidence of inappropriate activities that do not fit the ethics of the company. “There is nothing stopping your current employer from conducting a little cyber investigation of their own.” She warned that people should take control of what they put on the sites.

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