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Three civil servants kicked out of Senate

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LOBAMBA-Three female civil servants were yesterday told to leave the Parliament chambers for inappropriate dress code as their heads were not covered.

The three women officials from the Ministry of Economic Planning, were yesterday told by the Chairman of the Senators Debate of the ministry’s progress report, Chief Velamuva Maseko, to leave and come back dressed appropriately.

“Sorry senators but we need to briefly stop the meeting because some of our officials are not properly dressed for being in Parliament, something is missing and it would be wrong of me to continue,” he said. These officials were Malta Dlamini the Under Secretary, Nelisiwe Nkhambule Senior Accountant of the ministry and Duduzile Dlamini the Director of National Population in the ministry.

The officials immediately rose up and left the chambers and came back with their head scarves on. Some of the issues discussed included the unsolved issue of unofficial statistics of the various statistics such as the population’s exact figure, HIV statistics and so on. “This matter is not being addressed by the ministry in the report even after the Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have formally taken out statistics, the ministry does not bother to go back and check if these figures are correct or not and thereafter the information is being posted on the internet”, said Senator Prince Kusa.


The ministry acknowledged that mistake and promised to go back and check the exact correct figures which will appear in their next report. Another very important issue that was discussed was that of foreigners flocking the country like bees on honey. In response to this issue Mashwama said the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development felt it was fine as long as one or two Swazis are getting employment.

The issue of Foreigners flocking the country especially Asians was raised by Senator Themba Msibi, during the senators debate of the First Quarter Progress Report from the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development. “There are just too many foreigners in the country, most of them are owners of the busiest shops like the cell-phone shops, the garages selling dubai cars, supermarkets and the small shops in locations and many more”, Msibi said.

He also wanted to know what exactly was being done and how these people were being regulated by the ministry, especially because some areas are completely crowded, for example Ka-Khoza in Manzini. These foreigners are inviting their relatives over not knowing how or where they are going to be living. Responding to the Senator’s question was Minister Jabulile Mashwama who was acting for Minister Prince Hlangusem-phi.

“At the moment we are not really worried about the issue of these foreigners because they are bringing various job opportunities for some of the unemployed Swazis”, Mashwama said. Furthermore she said employing one or two people was far better than the unemployment crisis that we are facing as a country.

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