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Indvuna in hot water for whipping imbali

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PIGG’S PEAK – One of the tindvuna guarding imbali from Phophonyane and Hhelehhele may be in hot water after being reported for allegedly whipping some of the maidens.

One of the tindvuna, who was appointed to accompany the girls from the above constituency, has expressed disap-pointment and dissa-tisfaction over the treatment these girls allegedly received from one of the authorities.

Nine girls from these constituencies were whipped on the buttocks with sticks five times and later left stranded without transport to ferry them home. Transport that was later organised dropped them 20 kilometres from home. They walked home from 5pm until 11pm with their packed luggage. Their sin was that they allegedly never made it to the pick-up point and that some of them were spotted talking to boys.

It has been revealed that those who did not make it to the pick-up point got sick along the way and their cases were reported back to Lutsango members who were observing the proceedings. This was also confirmed by the inkhosatana of Phoph-onyane Nontsikelelo Dlamini.

Even though it has been reported that only two of the girls were allegedly found with boys, it has been gathered the northern Hhohho authourities allegedly beat up all the girls over the allegations. “Some of us were beaten for nothing and the explanation we got is that we are in love with the indvuna,” alleged some of the girls. It is said indvuna Vusi Dlamini, who was against the thrashing of the girls, elected to stay behind with the girls. This was because of an alleged argument that ensued between the tindvuna over the disciplining of the innocent imbali.


“I only questioned the elders why they beat the innocent girl. However, the response I got was that I am in love with them, a thing which was not true,” explained Dlamini.

“I had to organise another truck to ferry the girls back home as they had left us behind. What saddens the most is that even the truck driver turned against us and dropped the girls far from home. This resulted in me walking the whole night providing security to the girls,” said Dlamini.

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