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SP Media completes wrapping buses for STA ad campaign

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MANZINI – South Africa’s SP Media has completed the process of wrapping single and double-decker buses as part of the advertising campaign for the Swaziland Tourism Authority (STA).

The STA recently embarked on a ‘Visit Swaziland’ marketing campaign; seeking to position the country as a preferred tourist destination with a quantifiable increase in the number of visitors and tourists’ spend.

“This is a very exciting venture for the Swaziland Tourism Authority. We are in high spirits about working with SP Media. Their assistance has made a considerable difference to the campaign, putting us on par with other destination marketing efforts,’ says Bongani Dlamini, STA marketing manager.

The wraps feature the Swazi kingdom emblazoned on two double-decker buses showcasing the people and culture of the country. Viewers in Gauteng are introduced to the Swaziland through two traditional ceremonies.

News sourced from bizcommunity.com, the side of the bus depicts the Incwala - Festival of the first Fruits’, a kingship ceremony, an annual event to renew the strength of the king and the Swazi nation.

The back of the bus showcases the ‘Umhlanga - The Reed Dance’. This ceremony is for unmarried maidens to pay homage to the king and queen mother by collecting reeds from their respective villages to repair the Queen Mother’s home. The design uses the colours of the Swazi flag and shield to illustrate Swaziland’s cultural roots.

“I am particularly proud of the intricate design of the buses. All the elements that are unique to the country are masterfully incorporated on the 110m2 ‘multi-dimensional moving billboard’,” adds Charl Timms, SP Media CEO. The buses seek also to raise awareness during the 2010 Soccer World Cup as tourists arrive in South Africa. “We are confident that the buses will lure these tourists to sample the rich culture our country has to offer,” adds Dlamini.

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