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One Circle empowers over 80 000 Imbali

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MBABANE-One Circle joined the over 80 000 Imbali at Lobamba to sensitise them on the importance of paying attention to issues that involve them.

This organisation empowers young women through the dissemination of accurate and comprehensive information on these critical issues.

One Circle notes that women need to be proactive and get as much information as possible on concerns that affect them. Founding Director of One Circle, Khabo Dlamini, encouraged Imbali to abstain, as this saves them from many of the problems they face, and further applauded the Swazi culture for instilling values that encourages them to abstain until the perfect time.

“Information is power, and this power enables all of us to make informed decisions. Armed with this, today’s young women can take the nation forward, to better health, stronger society while preserving our culture. Ignorance on such issues renders women vulnerable, but ignorance is no longer an excuse as One Circle is an information hub and presents a platform where women from all walks of life can come together to share their knowledge and experiences,” she said.

One Circle’s products were sampled as give-away prizes for the Imbali in a question and answer session. These products are made and produced by young women, these included re-used bottle caps that are used as badges, earrings and stickers amongst other things. The reed dance started last week Tuesday with the registration and the main dance was on Monday was a public holiday which saw over 100 000 maidens dancing the day away. The event was also a major tourist draw card.

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