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King's impounded cows released

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By Faith Vilakati THE SWAZI OBSERVER-02-Sep-2009

THE three cows belonging to His Majesty King Mswati III that were early this month impounded by the Road Safety Council (RSC) with the police have since been released.

An officer based at Ngabezweni Royal Residence, Tibiyo Vilakati, confirmed the news but lamented that they had emaciated due to lack of fodder.

Vilakati revealed that the cows were released two weeks after they were impounded. “They were so bad and I believe that was because they did not get enough fodder in the pound. “I am not sure why they released them because no one went to plead with the officers given that when they impounded them I explained that they belonged to the King but they could hear none of that,” he said.

Vilakati also stated that the herdboys had their salaries cut as a result of the impounded cows. however; Vilakati was reluctant to divulge how much was cut from their salaries. In a previous interview with Manzini City Council Public Relations Officer (PRO) Mathokoza Thwala, he said the City Council rangers did not impound livestock outside the city boundaries.

He said this was the jurisdiction of the Road Safety Council, which also had the power to impound cattle into the nearest pound.

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