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Lesbians come out of the closet

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MANZINI—Two ladies have taken a bold decision to marry each other—in a first ever gay marriage case for this country that will no doubt set the tongues wagging.

The lesbians have come out publicly to state their case for a first gay marriage case as they intend to get married in just six months. The couple held its engagement ceremony yesterday afternoon, which was attended by family members and friends. The words, ‘would you marry me’ are said by normally straight man and female couples when they declare their intentions of taking their relationships to the next level—which is marriage. However, in Manzini yesterday these words were said by a female who was charming another female when proposing marriage. This was history in the making because the woman who was being proposed agreed and in six months time the couple will happily exchange their vows.

Thirty-six year-old Thuli Rudd, who is also affectionately known as ‘Thulani’ by those closest to her, discovered that she was a lesbian years ago and now wants to take her relationship with her partner to another level. She says she is willing to do everything within her means to impress her and show her that her proposal and the coming marriage was no fluke.

Rudd who is also the president of the country’s Lesbian and Gay Association yesterday proposed to the 22-year-old love of her life who was identified as Pitseng Vilakati. She says she is a proud man and she had promised to love and work hard to satisfy her ‘wife’ both financially—and in bed!

When interviewed yesterday after the ceremony, she told this newspaper that she would please her partner in bed, promising to be mind-blowing. She even lauded herself as the best man in bed. Rudd stunned her partner in a small family event which was hosted in a trendy restaurant.

Family and friends of the couple were enjoying lunch when Rudd suddenly went to her knees and popped the question, ‘would you please marry me’. Both families were stunned by this move and they all waited in awe to hear how Vilakati would respond. She did not spring any surprise as she agreed with a broad smile and extended her hand to her partner who was carrying a shiny gold ring by then.


Vilakati gladly accepted the ring and immediately after it was fitted to her finger the couple embraced and enjoyed a long kiss. The couple continued to tenderly kiss, oblivious of the people around as well as the cameras that Rudd had organised clicking for the duration of the kiss. Journalists who were in disguise also had the opportunity of witnessing and capturing the event, however after all was said and done the journalists then revealed their identity and the couple did not have a problem as they officially welcomed them and posed for us and properly gave us a taste of lesbian love.

The couple was unashamed but continued to kiss and shared a milk-shake after the formalities of the engagement. Thulani is the happiest lesbian in the country as she finally got herself a wife who would love and cherish her.

According to Rudd, Vilakati loves the kitchen, so like normal couples, she will spend her evenings in the kitchen preparing supper for the couple.

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Comments:I wont judge this so called couple but i will then think of what the Holy Bible view such act. I will proudly say this is non-Godly and the two should think deeply about the future not the present.

From:Dlamini Zakhele - Swaziland (24-Mar-2010)

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