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Marula brew soon to be available all year round

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By Calsile Masilela - WEEKEND OBSERVER-29-Aug-2009

MARULA brew would now be available throughout the season. It would also be available in the bottle stores in small appealing containers. This was revealed on Thursday at the Swaziland Marula Company based at Siphofaneni.

The company’s general manager Robert Kunene said this was a relatively new company as he stated that they started operations in April this year. He said the idea behind the company was to provide Marula beer (Buganu) throughout the season unlike it has been happening in the past years that the fruit was available seasonally.

He said the company work with the community around them as they buy the marula nuts from them. However he said due to the many uses of marula the demand becomes high for the community thus they end up importing it from South Africa. “Out of the marula nuts we make brew, animal feeds, and cosmetic oil for now but there are plans to also make marula juice and also charcoal out of the nut covers. We would also be making wine, spirits and others with time,” he said.

Kunene said the company has a staff compliment of 20 including management. He said the oil was the most viable for now and stated that in December they would support a lot of women who collect marula nuts.

He stated that the marula was brewed in the same way the women brew it, the only difference with them was that they had a way of storing the nuts so they can keep on producing even when the marula is out of season. He explained that 200 000 marula canel at raw state cost over E1 million when sold as oil.

SwaziBank Chairman of the board of Directors Noah Nkambule applauded the management for the idea. He wanted to know if the company was in direct competition with the community marula brewers of which he was told that they were not. He was told that they complimented each other as the company buys from the women and the women were also free to buy the brewed marula from the company.

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