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Sugar cane farmer makes E1m revenue in first year

Business Section

By Calsile Masilela - WEEKEND OBSERVER-29-Aug-2009

BUSINESSMAN Morris Matututu Dlamini who has since ventured into sugar cane farming applauds the Swazi Bank for helping him realise his dream.

He said this was his first year in the business and has harvested a 68 hectare land that saw him getting over E1 million.

He said there was still some sugar cane that was to be harvested and was expecting to make over E3 million. Dlamini said he sees himself succeeding in the business and being able to pay back a loan of E5.5 million he sourced from the bank. He thanked the bank staff responsible for monitoring creditors for their commitment in helping small business people with necessary business skills. He said he would need E2 million more to plant a 110 hectare.

“I have a staff of 45 people and it is mostly females as they help during the planting,” he said. This he revealed on Thursday at his farm during a visit by the Swazi Bank board of Directors including the Chairman Noah Nkambule, Managing Director Stanley Matsebula and others. Dlamini stated that besides the sugar cane farming he runs 10 butcheries all over the country and a meat wholesale situated at Ngongola. He said he has delegated work to His son so he can concentrate on the new business.

He boosted that his meat was the best selling especially in the towns because it was good quality and cheaper at the wholesale. He said the meat industry was doing well and he pointed out that they slaughter 100 cows every week as there was a high demand of beef in the country.

He said cows were now limited in Swaziland forcing him to buy cows in South Africa which he said was not a good thing but he has no option. ”Livestock farmers were now sceptical to have a lot of cattle because of many factors due to drought, stock theft, unavailability of enough grazing land and other factors,” he said.

He attributed his success to his hard work adding that he was always hands on to ensure smooth running of the business. Swazi Bank Board Chairman Noah Nkambule congratulated Dlamini on his new business and for his courage to take a risk as he was pretty new in this kind of business. He said by mere looking at the existing work it was promising that he would make it.

He said they were happy to be associated with winners and encouraged him to work hard. He said such businesses were encouraged by the bank because they do not only develop the owner but also the community in which it operates on as people get employed.

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