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Companies must adjust to new ICT environment

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MBABANE – There is need for companies to adjust to the new environment in the ICT sector in order to survive

The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), Nathaniel Mahluza said the increasing world competition in the ICT sector and the spread of free trade had generated a situation where the ‘fittest and fastest will survive.’

Mahluza was representing the Minister, Nelisiwe Shongwe during the official opening of the third Telecommunications Senior Management Programme at the Royal Villas on Monday.

“We certainly need to consolidate our traditional fixed wire-line telecommunications services, but we need to venture into new niche markets including mobile and broadband services where we have a competitive advantage,” he said. He added that there was need to diversify human resources strategies to respond to the merging industry needs. Mahluza further said the fundamental pillar supporting the foundation of any development process was education and training.

He said companies that invested in education and training would be leaders in the next millennium. Meanwhile, SATA Executive Secretary Jacob Munodawafa said ICT was pivotal in the economic and social development of a country. He said the benefits derived from improved telecommunications contributed to the strengthening of a country’s economy and people’s lives.

“Our future success will depend on how well we exploit and use knowledge and information to build innovative process, products and services. It lies on producing ideas and services that would be relevant to the world standards,” he said.

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