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Ministers launch Hloba Swaziland

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By Calsile Masilela - THE SWAZI OBSERVER-25-Aug-2009

MINISTER of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Macford Sibandze says the tourism industry is under serious threat because of reckless littering and dumping of waste.

He said the environmental damage and risk to human health could not be equated with anything. Speaking yesterday during the launch of the national clean-up campaign titled Hloba Swaziland at the ministry’s conference room, Sibandze said it was regrettable that no one was remorseful when it came to discarding rubbish.

The minister said reckless litter had become a norm, such that children saw nothing wrong with buying food items in plastic bags and throwing them anywhere, even out of moving cars. He said the campaign sought to educate and encourage the nation to keep the environment as clean as possible. “Ladies and gentlemen the negligent littering has to stop, let us lift the standard of our country high by simply exercising waste management,” he said.

Minister of Local Government and Housing Pastor Lindiwe Dlamini urged the different ministries to do their part in terms of preaching the gospel of cleanliness. She said as part of the campaign, they would go to different places as per their ministries’ mandate to educate the public about the importance of keeping the environment as clean as possible.

Pastor Dlamini said as from Thursday, ministers would be educating the public in different sectors about keeping Swaziland clean from any waste.

Illegal dumping regulation coming soon

AS means to regulate the illegal dumping and littering that creates filth in the country, the ministry of tourism and environmental affairs will soon propose and table before parliament regulations specifically to deal with such issues. This was revealed by the Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Macford Sibandze during a press conference on the launch of the national campaign dubbed ‘Hloba Swaziland’.

He said this would target people who litter in public places; from moving vehicles; those who discard waste into rivers; illegal dumpsites and those who organise sporting events and other social gatherings without making necessary provisions for people to properly dispose-off their waste.

“We will also be working closely with the royal Swaziland police to ensure that all culprits end-up behind bars or are fined a significant amount of money to ensure that we keep our country clean,” said Sibandze. He said environmental inspectors, particularly from all towns in the country would be engaged to carry out some of the necessary inspections and further enforce these regulations together with the police.

Sibandze said in collaboration with the different ministries, he was confident that the campaign would yield good results as intended. He later wished the imbali regiment and visitors a good time during the Umhlanga Ceremony and further urged the maidens to keep the country clean

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