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E24 000 fine set for misbehaving clubs

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By Sabelo Ndzinisa - THE SWAZI OBSERVER-25-Aug-2009

SOCCER – IN a bid to curb the late arrival of teams during MTN Premier League matches, the Premier League of Swaziland (PLS) has introduced a minimum fine of E24 000 for such offenders

According to the amended rules and regulations of the MTN Premier League, any club reporting for checking within 15 minutes after the scheduled start of a game will be summarily fined E16 000 by PLS Chief Executive Officer (CEO), which in this case, is Sydney Simelane.

This is contained in Article 4 of the rules and regulations, which further states that any club reporting for checking 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the match will result in the match being called off and the offending side liable to a E24 000 fine. This club would also face disciplinary action, which would result in them forfeiting the said match to their opponents as they would be deemed to have caused its abandonment.

Further, this article states clearly that a club that refuses to be led into the field of play by the referees or match officials will be summarily fined E3 200 by Simelane. In what would be seen as an effort by the PLS to discourage teams from engaging in unsporting behaviour, article 4 of the same rules states that any club walking out, refusing to play a match or whose fans, supporters, officials invade the field of play or throw missiles into the field of play, resulting in match officials stopping the game, shall be deemed to have caused its abandonment. If found guilty, the offending club will not only lose the match but they face a three-month suspension and a fine of not less than E24 000 by the Disciplinary Committee.

Article 7 of the same rules, touching on unsporting behaviour and misconduct, also provides stiff fines for offending clubs. It states that threatening by conduct or words to assault or attempt to assault a referee, PLS official, player, club official, marshal, supporter, fan, spectator, offenders would be liable to a fine of not less than E8 000. This includes uttering abusive, obscene or derogatory words, spitting of saliva onto any person.


This article also states that throwing objects of any kind onto the field of play, its surroundings or unto any persons thus assaulting or attempting to assault and invading the field of play, a fine of not less than E10 000 is on the offering by the DC.

Even worse, assaulting a referee, PLS official, player, club official, marshal, supporter, fan and spectator, the offenders will get a fine of not less than E15 000 by the DC. In addition, this club shall be ordered to compensate the victim for any financial loss incurred due to the assaul

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