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NNAS reduces safari budget to E100 000

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By Bodwa Mbingo - THE SWAZI OBSERVER-25-Aug-2009

NETBALL – THE National Netball Association of Swaziland (NNAS) has reduced the budget of the Netball Safari to be held in the country next month to E100 000 after they initially requested about E350 000 from the Swaziland National Sports Council (SNSC)

NNAS Secretary Victor ‘Mavikana’ Dlamini on Saturday explained to teams during the association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Zakhele Hall that they were forced to reduce the budget after the sports associations’ mother body had complained that the initial requested figure was too much.

He added that instead of having 100 from each of the country’s four regions they wouldnow accommodate only 60 while the teachers will still be 20 from each region. He also revealed that the equipment to be used during the event was already in the country, hence there is a great need to obtain the money from the Sports Council.

“The International Federation of Netball Association (IFNA) has already sent the equipment to the country. “After the event teams will then benefit from equipment as it will be distributed to all of them.

“We urge the Sports Council to give us the money to host this important event. It will go a long way in helping develop the sport in the country as its emphasis is on teaching it to school going children who will be gathered from all the regions,” he said.

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