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Miss Tourism winner to attend London Fashion Week

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By Mbongiseni Ndzimandze - THE SWAZI OBSERVER-25-Aug-2009

Thandeka Mncadi and other beauty queens who are representing their countries at the Miss Tourism World contest held in China on Friday toured the country’s folk cultural zone

Information sourced from the Global Times was that the beauty queens were expected to make more tours around China before the main event on Sunday and the winner will be invited to London Fashion week.

It is reported that the main event will take place on 30 August, where the Miss Tourism World candidates from various countries are expected to compete for the title. Swaziland is represented by Miss Swaziland second princess Thandeka Mncadi, who seemingly left the country not prepared for the contest.

Mncadi was informed late that she would be leaving thus making it difficult for her to prepare herself. Since she left the country, Mncadi has not bothered to call Miss Swaziland licence holder Vinah Mamba-Gray to give her information about the pageant.

In a previous interview, Mamba confirmed that there was no communication between her and the second princess. She further stated she requested Mncadi to furnish them with her contacts before she left the country but that did not happen.

Mamba-Gray said her efforts to remove the communication barrier between them was proving to be futile as she has tried several times to call Mncadi, but was always reported to be out. Another problem that was faced by Mncadi was that she failed to meet relevant stakeholders when she left the country.

This year’s winner of Miss Tourism World will be invited to London Fashion Week. London Fashion Week is where ideas start, where creative talents bloom and where flourishing businesses are born. The capital celebrates fashion both on and off the catwalk in the city’s renowned restaurants bars and clubs and of course on the street. The Miss Tourism World pageant is an international beauty pageant operated by the Miss Tourism World Organisation, a pageant organiser based in Nottingham, England that additionally runs Miss Bikini World, Model of The Universe, and Model of The World.

The pageant seeks to promote tourism in the world, particularly in those regions where tourism plays a significant roll. Unlike Miss Universe, Miss Tourism World does not prohibit contestants who have children.

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