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Two Swazi students killed in sa car crash

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NGWENYA – Two Swazi students studying in South African colleges died on their way home in a fatal accident on Saturday.

There were three people onboard the car when it was involved in an accident and the other passenger survived but was also seriously injured. He is currently recuperating in a South African hospital.

Although details on what might have happened are scanty at the moment, information gathered is that the two students were travelling along the Carolina/Belfast road when the accident occurred.

The two students are said to have died on the spot while the other one was quickly rushed to the nearest hospital by the police.

In an interview with a South African police inspector who preferred anonymity (since some of the next of kin are yet to be informed) the accident is not the only one which happened on this road that day as other two lives were lost just after lunch when a VW Golf overturned and crashed onto a tree, killing both occupants instantly.

"We have a case of Swazi people who were killed in an accident and one of them survived at the Belfast road. As per the procedure, the police are still investigating the matter and we have not informed all the families yet.


There were actually two accidents which happened on this road where other people were killed and they happen to be Mozambican," said the inspector.

Asked on how they were able to identify the deceased as Swazis, the inspector said they were driving a Swazi registered sedan and they were able to identify them through their student identity cards found at the scene. "We found that they were all students in colleges in sa as they had student cards," he said.

Quizzed on the procedure when a person dies in a car crash in South Africa, the inspector said once they get contacts of the families, they call them and ask them to come and identify the bodies while they proceed with their investigations.

"You may find that in any case, the accident might have been caused by a reckless driver or stray cattle, so we need to investigate the circumstances leading to the crash and like I said with this one we are still busy with investigations," added the police officer.

When this newspaper visited one of the families yesterday afternoon, the parents had left for South Africa for the accident scene and were reportedly returning very late.

Police spokesperson Super-intendent Vusi Masuku, when asked on the accident, said the local police had not received any report yet by last night.

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