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SCOT to become Swaziland University of Science and Technology

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By Nkululeko Gama - THE SWAZI OBSERVER-09-Nov-2013

Having recently witnessed the incorporation of Ngwane College into a university, Prime Minister Sibusiso Banarbas Dlamini has announced SCOT would also be a university in 2015.

The prime minister was speaking during the graduation at the college yesterday. He said SCOT would be incorporated into a university in 2015 and assume the name Swaziland University of Science and Technology.

Dlamini said cabinet has given the ministry of education and training the task of upgrading the college to the status of Swaziland University of Science and Technology by 2015. He said government would provide its support to that initiative. He also thanked the college for their relationship with the highly reputable Vaal University of Technology in South Africa.

He said this initiative would be extremely appealing to new investors especially in technology-oriented industries. On another note, the prime minister said government had introduced the education and training policy.


He said this policy had been approved and would remove the concept of scholarship and introduce the study loan mechanism adopted by many countries throughout SADC region. “This policy will also look into allocating loan funding for tuition, based on merit and in respect of prioritised study subjects, with an additional means-tested allocation to cover accommodation and meals for the vulnerable,” he said.

Dlamini said with this policy government was able to reach more students with the fixed amount of financial resources available. He said this policy would also strengthen the nation’s skills bank in priority areas.

Dlamini said the number of new students starting 2014, who have access to finance for domestic tertiary education, is in access of 2 500 which represents an increase of around 900 on the previous year’s new intake.

The prime minister said government with assistance of a consultancy, was currently finalising the legislation that would define these new arrangements.

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