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MTN not heavily affected by the global meltdown

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MBABANE – MTN has not been heavily affected by the prevailing global economic meltdown, according to Chief Executive Officer Tebogo Mogapi.

Speaking during the MTN Media Breakfast held at Mountain Inn yesterday, Mogapi said even though he could not discuss the MTN financials yet, he was positive that they were ‘riding the wave of the financial crisis’.

"We have not been impacted that heavily by what is happening; we are holding on by our strings. We do appreciate, however, that we may be affected in the coming months, but not to the extent of being forced to make serious decisions. There will be ripple effects of the crisis in the next few months, but we are hopeful that the effects won’t be bad," he said.

Mogapi disclosed that they had just commissioned the new Network Management Centre.

"Though this was mainly meant to withstand competition, we are still ready for it. We have commissioned the centre and have beefed up operations, especially in marketing," he said. He also said they had almost doubled the size of the network in the last two years.

"We now have about 160 base stations that are operating; 20 are waiting to be switched on soon. For 2009, about 29 out of 30 sites were planned for completion in June, but they were eventually completed in July," he explained.

In terms of geographic coverage, MTN has covered 92 per cent and 94 per cent with population coverage.

Some of the new base stations include: Mkhitsini, Dwalile, Velezizweni, KaMkhweli, Hosea, Mphaphati and Macudvulwini, to name but a few.

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