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85% of Swazis consult tinyanga — Nhlavana

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By Arthur Mordaunt - SWAZI TIMES-15-Aug-2009

MBABANE – Renowned traditional healer Nhlavana Maseko has claimed that over 85 per cent of Swazis consulted traditional healers

Maseko said people looked for help everywhere and it was folly for Christians and modern doctors to assume that people only sought help from them.

“There should be co-operation between all sectors instead of accusing us of witchcraft and all sorts of things. Some even refer to us as heathens and demon worshippers. For the record, I don’t consult demons, but I consult the ancestors,” said Maseko.

The healer was speaking on Wednesday during the National Smart Partnership Dialogue held at the Mavuso Trade Centre. He had been asked to make a presentation on Care, Treatment and Support provided to people with HIV and AIDS under the topic Social Dynamics and the HIV and AIDS Pandemic.

Maseko reiterated that a high number of people consulted them, including HIV patients. He said the number of HIV patients seeking assistance was high and said he had heard that government was giving HIV organisations a lot of money to fight the virus.

“Out of all those millions, if only you can give us just E1 million, we can make a difference,” said Maseko to a round of applause.

Maseko, however, expressed his unhappiness with doctors practising modern medicine whom he said often looked down upon traditional healers’ methods of treatment but whenever they (traditional healers) found a cure, the modern doctors would take it and patent it as their own.

“It takes about E3 million and six years to conduct tests on our medication. So, everything we use is tested. We use trees and leaves for our herbs and nothing else. We have various experts who treat wounds, all kinds of illnesses as well as experts who can ensure that a mother gives birth to a baby boy instead of a girl,” said Maseko.

Giving the church’s perspective under the same topic, Bishop Bhiya called on Christians to be strong in prayer. He condemned those who advised HIV patients to stop taking HIV treatment

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