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Govt must salvage dialogue

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By The editor - SWAZI TIMES-13-Aug-2009


The nation is once again expected to join His Majesty the King, Indlovukazi and Cabinet at round tables to deliberate on matters that affect the people of Swaziland.

The expectations are that this dialogue will come out with solutions that have a positive impact on our lives. But does it? No, some say.

This dialogue, not being the first, therefore faces the daunting challenge of erasing the growing doubts about government’s commitment to the process.

Submissions at the mini-dialogue were almost unanimous on the call for implementation of suggested solutions to the problems this country is confronted with if it is to register as a credible tool for transformation and realizations of the country’s vision.

The lack of visible or tangible evidence of progress on matters raised and resolved upon continues to raise protests by those calling for a boycott of the event. Government has the choice of either proving them right or wrong. So far the scales are tilting in favour of the critics.


The 99 per cent attendance at the mini dialogue indicates that there are still a good number of people who have not lost faith in the process. These numbers, however, may be lost in the near future as patience is waning over this process as life’s difficulties continue to overcome us yet solutions are there for government to pick and choose. The Smart Partnership Dialogue is not the only process of concern. Others, such as the Job Creation Summit, Agriculture Summit and Anti-Corruption Summit have enjoyed similar national focus and attention, but the results are almost invisible.

Government therefore needs to salvage these dialogues before they become totally meaningless or irrelevant to the people. Our experiences as mediators in the trouble-torn countries in the region should serve as good enough examples or reasons to avoid confrontation which arises from a people who are f

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